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Updated the Résumé, now up to date and complete.

Deployed the blog at its permanent address. Requires lots of configuration to be done yet.

My home site became available to general public. Although not all sections are filled out at this time, most relevant information is in place.

Joined the Matasano Crypto Challenges program. This requires a thourough refreshement of my C language skills and appears to become a very pleasant pastime.

Please see a tiny bit of more info in Projects section.

Started development of this my new landing page home site which is to serve as a gateway to other places related to my activities. Also makes for a refreshement of CSS3 skills.

Began the TrueCrypt API project. The goal is to create an extensibility layer in form of a dynamic-link library. This apparently will require some heavy refactoring of the TrueCrypt code which although undesirable in a project like this, is unavoidable.

Please see more info in Projects section and on Github.

Picked out the jsTimeline library project. It is a part of the Timeliner project and has to incapsulate all calculation and drawing logic.

Please see more info in Projects section and on Github.

Started working on the Timeliner project as a playground for JavaScript learning.

Please see more info in Projects section and on Github.

My blog is located at

It would be my pleasure if you made a visit.

Current projects

Since the beginning of the year 2013, when my ways parted with my previous employment place, I've got at my displosal a very decent amount of time to spend with the things I love. Software development has long been one of such things to me. So, while I studied a number of technologies new and refreshed my memories of the older ones, I commenced a number of projects, some of which I am still working on. Here are these projects. If you wish to check out my previous activities, please see the Résumé.

Matasano Crypto Challenges

Matasano Security allows anyone interested to enter a challenge to solve a number of cryptography-related problems. I'm interested, so I've joined and currently working on first set of problems. The problems are interesting and blaze a trail to an area of expertise I was not very much acquainted with before. I do these on C so they also make a great exersise of my C skills.

Since Matasano asks not to disclose problem sets or solutions, there is no public repository to check out the code, sorry.

TrueCrypt API

TrueCrypt© is a well known and widely used open-source software for system-wide and container-based encryption. Although it does provide a robust command-line interface, programmatic interaction with TrueCrypt functionality is limited. The goal of this project is to provide a clean extenstion layer for TrueCrypt in form of a Windows dll.

Please watch the development progress at GitHub.

This my work is in no way associated with or endorsed by TrueCrypt Developers Association.


This is a web application for drawing timelines from user-supplied data. Data series should be drawn on separate bands with relashionship connecting specific data points. Appearance of data bands should be customizable and allow for text and thumbnail inclusion. Input is expected to be both GUI-driven and JSON-uploadable.

I beleive this application may be of use to educational and scientific institutions, news agencies and online encyclopedias requiring visualization of time-bound data. My personal goal meanwhile is to create visualization of airplanes manufacturing history throughout the world.

Here is the repository.


A project, aiming to provide a JavaScript library implementing drawing of timelines. The code is currently employed in my Timeliner project and is being developed in it's scope.

Current implementation employs SVG as a drawing medium as opposed to HTML5 canvas. This approach was chosen due to a number of poweful arguments but by this time has shown performance limitations, so it may change in future.

The coding is at early stage while I'm doing technology research and design, still, here's the repository link.


Neuron is a Windows-based Enterprise Messaging System. It is a mature product enjoying a number of successful deployments within small and medium sized companies. Neuron.EMS enables integration of legacy enterprise systems to the web and to each other by providing robust set of ESB services.

The product is characterized by high performance, top-notch stability, configuration flexibility and compliance to Windows administration best practices. Extension facilities allow for easy plugging in new data sources of any origin.

Neuron.EMS is currently proprietary-source and while I transition from my previous activities to new ones, the future of this product is undefined. Most probable scenario is that the source code will be opened and the necessary documentation supplied.

About me

My personal interests turned to technology, sociology, philosophy, linguistics, philology, economics, geopolitics, literature, visual arts, history and some other stuff.

Professionally I've been mostly engaged in software development which I consider a true art form in itself. Indeed, not only it is a way to express oneself but also an inherently creative activity similar in its ways and feel to many art forms historically recognized as such. My career begun in the ranks of junior developers in late nineties, so by present day I was able to immerse myself in roles of senior developer, project manager, CTO, product manager, CEO and enterpreneur. Although I greatly enjoed the outlook from each of these standpoints, at present I find myself most passionately inclined towards low-level peculiarities of software systems, performance optimization and such.

Here be contacts

Nic Nilov

Software developer, Manager, Entrepreneur

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Good at:
identifying business opportunities, decision making, team management, software performance optimization, challenging tasks
Not so good at:
long-term routine, politically loaded environment, uncertain goals
Professional interests:
low-level programming, performance optimization, making great software

Key administration skills:

Project Management
9 years
Successfully managed demanding projects
Company administration
6 years
1500% company growth in 6 years
Product Management
4 years
Created and evolved a successful product
Sales & CRM
6 years
More than 20 customers attracted, all satisfied

Key development skills:

7 years
Server-Side, TPL, Windows Forms
5 years
EJB3, JDBC, Hibernate, Web Services, REST, EMS
1 year
Data Structures, Algorithms
1 year
SVG, Canvas, jQuery, CoffeeScript
15 years
Multithreading, GUI, IO, Sockets, IPC, Services
Object Pascal
11 years
Linux Administration
6 years
Shell, VPN, Cloud
15 years
SQL (as required)

Work experience:

Open Source
January 2013 - Present

  • TrueCrypt API – refactoring of TrueCrypt code aiming to provide a programmatic extension layer
  • Matasano Security Challenges – solving a set of cryptography-related challenges for my C skills improvement
  • Timeliner - a JavaScript/CoffeeScript framework and RoR web application for drawing timelines from user data, a playground for elaboration of proficiency in JavaScript and Rails

January 2007 – January 2013

  • Ensured continuing growth of the company in terms of range of services, financial turnover and headcount
  • Created a strong team of highly skilled and motivated technology professionals
  • Devised and implemented effective company structure
  • Carried out ongoing technology research
  • Created a number of information security - related services expanding range of the company’s offers
  • Supervised deployment of a private cloud infrastructure for customer solutions hosting
  • Defined and supervised implementation of information security policy for a number of financial services companies
  • Established and evolved ITIL-based service desk for comprehensive customer support
  • Attracted a number of medium-sized companies as customers for readily available and tailor-made software solutions of my company
  • Developed and then managed development of Neuron Integration Server, a Windows-based Enterprise Messaging System interacting with a number of popular business software solutions
  • Developed a number of web frontends along with integration layers to back-office software for a financial services company, a printing factory, a construction supplies wholesaler, a men clothing retail network, a chemical supplies wholesaler
  • Managed development of a web-based college automation system
  • Managed development of car rental automation solution for Hertz
  • Developed a sales mobile application and integrated it to a legacy back-office software for a wholesale company

Project Manager
January 2004 – January 2007

  • Managed development of frontend applications for a leading financial trading system, both end-user and back-office oriented
  • Supervised development of an institutional sell-side trade order management system
  • Performed coordination with customers, carried out prioritizing, scheduling, tasks distribution and implementation control
  • Researched process and tools of automated software requirements management for company-wide use
  • Together with other professionals applied great effort in establishing and evolving formal software development process of the company

Team Lead
June 2000 – January 2004

  • Developed a number of frontend applications for a leading financial trading system
  • Designed and implemented many custom GUI features such as visual themes, mixed SDI/MDI windowing mode, hybrid docking
  • Designed and implemented efficient data processing and visualization algorithms ensuring excellent performance of back-office applications working under high load
  • Implemented mature internationalization framework allowing for localization of end-user applications to several languages, including Japanese and Chinese
  • Designed and implemented many cutting edge maintenance features such as automated error reporting, semantic versioning, automated updates infrastructure, incremental software updates long before they became industry-widespread

Updated on August 11, 2013

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